1998 GMC Step Van (Diesel Modtor)
(Modified Mac Tool Truck)
Mileage (As of 12/31/12):  167,119
Diesel Motor

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 (1) Outside Passengers Side               (2)  Outside Drivers Side               (3) Back side Showing Lift.    

  (4)  Drivers Seat                            (5)  Wiring Harness Boxes

 Drivers Side   (6) L: From Front to Back   (7) R: From Back to Front)

Passengers Side:   (8) L: From Back to Front   (9)  R: From Back to Front)

More Information:   rgcandyman@sweetricks.com

Shows Outside of Vehicle, Passenger Side

Picture 2
Show Outside of Vehicle, Drivers Side

Picture 3
Shows  Back Side of Vehicle with Lift Gate
Lift Gate (7' x 5 1/2') Runs on Two Batteries Under Floor of Truck
Lift Runs Best when Truck Engine is On..

Picture 4
View From Behind Drivers Seat24
Motor Access Though Console Under Table
Small Closet Behind Drivers Seat.

Picture 5
Wire Panel Box Above Drivers Seat
It Allows The Use of 50 Amp, 30 Amp, or 20 Amp Service Wires
50Amps will run all outlets up to 7500 Watts
2-30 Amp Service Lines will run all lines up to 6500 Watts
20 amp Service Line will only run 2000 Watts
6500 Watt Generator Will Run most Outlets

Pictures 6 & 7:  Driver Side Wall
Contains Room for 20 cu ft Freezer,
6' Countertop, with 3 Part Sink, Hand Sink, 3' of Counter Top Space.
18" Storage Area Behind Drivers Seat, 24 Free Space Near Back Door
13' of Cabinets, 14' of Florescence Lights, 2' Stainless Steel Shelf over Countertop.
6 gal How Water Heater Under Countertop. 36"x20" Window over Sink.
2 Double Receptacles Over Freezer Area, 2 Double Receptacles Under Countertop,
2 Double Receptacles end of Wall area. (Nears 2' Back Area & Near Stainless Steel Shelf)

Pictures 8 & 9: Passengers Wall Side
Contains Room for a 20 cu ft Freezer, 4' Countertop With Storage Under It.
5' x 3' Serving Window.  Two Open Serving Windows with Screens.
Metal Shelf Under Serving Window, 15" From Floor,
10' Wire Shelf, 15' of Florescence Lights, 2 Double Receptacles in Freezer Area, 2 Double Receptacles over 4' Countertop.

Price:  $12,500

More Information:   rgcandyman@sweetricks.com

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Phone:  410-708-0621