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Driver Side                                                         Passenger Side


Passenger/Serving Side/2 Freezers            Driver Side/Sinks/Freezer               Drivers Seat/Entrance Steps

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Price: $12,500
Phone:  410-708-0621

General Statistics
1991 GMC Duravan School Bus
Mileage as of 12/31/12:  120,236
Roof Top Air Conditioner
Uses 2 - 3000 Watt Generators
Last Service Date:  8/14/2012

Right Side/Passenger Side:
One 20 cu ft Freezer (Frigidaire with Sliding Glass Top; Thermostat for Italian Ice)
One 7 cu ft Freezer (Arctic Air with Sliding Glass Top; Normal Thermostat)
Three Drawer Plastic Storage Unit (Sits on the Floor)
Serving Window ( 36" x 36") with 18"x36" Vertical Sliding Glass Window Panel; 24 inches from Floor
One 6' wire shelf above Freezers

Left Side/Driver  Side:
One 20 cuft Freezer (Arctic Air with Sliding Glass Top; Thermostat for Italian Ice)
One 6' Countertop with Thee Part Sink, One Hand Sink, & 36" Counter space
One Hot Water Heater (2.5 gal)
One Fresh Water Tank (Approximately 14 gal.)
One Grey water Tank (Approximately 15 gal)
One 11' Wire Shelf Above Freezers and Counter Top.

Back Door Area
One Add On Air Conditioner-Runs Only When Engine Runs
Controls are Part of Standard Heater/Vent System

Driver Compartment
Drivers Seat with Seat Belt. Driver seat has some worn spots
Two Inverters for Four Batteries under Serving Window Floor
(See Wiring for Specifications)

Roof Top Area
One 14" x 14" Escape or Vent Hatch (Do not Open when in Motion)
One Air Conditioner, 16500 Btu,  (110 Volt) 

More Information:

Wiring (Original and Add On-110 Volts)
Some of the Original DC circuits are still active
Most of the Lights Used by School Bus's for Stopping and Emergency
Were Removed in Accordance with Maryland Law Pertaining to School Bus Conversions
 Two 110 Volt circuit Line Were Added
One For the Freezers and Hot Water Heater;
(2 Receptacles back wall, 4 Receptacles under Countertop near HW Heater, 2 Receptacles under Serving Window,
4 Receptacles between Serving Window and Entrance Door)
A second for the Roof Top Air Conditioner
(2 Receptacle above Freezers on Passengers, and One 110Volt converted to DC Line was Added
One Line to Charge Batteries, Then DC Current Converted Back To 110 Volts
One Charger Box Located on wall of the Entrance Steps is used to charge the 4 Batteries under the Floor. 
Two batteries are connected to each of the Red Inverter Boxes.
The inverter boxes then Convert the batteries DC Current back to 110 Voltage.
The First Inverter Line  (Two receptacles) are located under the Serving Window.
The Second Inverter Line (Two receptacles) is under counter and near the Hot Water Heater.

Price:  $12,500

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